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Bitcoin Cash Explained

Due to the somewhat limited amount of bitcoin that can exist in the world, there needed to be a Plan B in place for when the maximum amount of bitcoin was reached. Companies that represented up to 90% of bitcoin computing power - along with miners and mining groups around the world - created a hard fork, marking the decision to introduce a new and improved way to process transactions, create bigger blocks and ensure that bitcoin as an entity survives the ups and downs of an ever-changing market. Bitcoin changed the way we look at traditional money, and now bitcoin cash is changing the way we look at bitcoin. If you still feel unsure about using the unfamiliar cryptocurrency, get in touch with our team to learn more. We can answer any and all questions, ensuring you have all the information before you make a move to buy.

How It Works

If you're used to working solely with bitcoin, you'll see virtually no changes in how you purchase bitcoin cash. If you've never bought a cryptocurrency before, we're here to help guide you through the process! The experts at can teach you everything you need to know about buying bitcoin cash and transferring it to friends and family, using it for online or in-person purchases, or even just how to set up a wallet. Our purchasing services always remain trustworthy and loyal - you don't need to worry about your information ending up in the wrong hands. We protect our clients through and through.

Setting up an account with is simple - all you need is a government-issued piece of identification, a copy of a utility bill with your correct address visible, your credit card number and your bitcoin cash wallet address. After your account is approved by our team, you'll be contacted by a representative and prompted to choose a purchasing level - then, you'll have free range to purchase your bitcoin cash!

If you're looking for a team of cryptocurrency aficionados, who are obsessed with blockchain technology and believe in a paperless future, you've come to the right place. We've done our research and we're ready to share our knowledge with the world! Get in touch with our experts today and we'll get you started on your bitcoin cash journey.

Our bitcoin packages

Starter Package

Meant for people who are just dipping their toe into the bitcoin cash waters, our junior level will come with an extra helping hand and a somewhat limited maximum of $1,000 USD per month. This is the perfect place to start if you've been thinking about buying crypto but need some help figuring it all out.

$1 000

Basic package

Definitely our most popular purchasing level, our intermediate package allows for the flexibility of buying up to $5,000 USD worth of bitcoin cash per month with a daily cap of $1,000 USD. If you already have a little bit of experience with bitcoin cash but don't need to buy large amounts, this is the level for you.

$5 000

Pro Package

Our third and most advanced purchasing level is

Our senior package is for our most experienced buyers, allowing you a daily limit of $1,000 USD and a higher monthly limit than our intermediate package capped at $10,000 USD. Experienced bitcoin cash purchasers who need that extra room to roam will have more than enough freedom with this package.

$10 000

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Level 1
  • - Daily Limit: $200
  • - Monthly Limit: $1,000
  • - Documents Required:
  • 1. Copy of Goverment Issued ID
  • Level 2
  • - Daily Limit: $1,000
  • - Monthly Limit: $5,000
  • - Documents Required:
  • 1. Copy of Goverment Issued ID
  • 2. Copy of Utility Bill
  • Level 3
  • - Daily Limit: $1,000
  • - Monthly Limit: $10,000
  • - Documents Required:
  • 1. Copy of Goverment Issued ID
  • 2. Copy of Utility Bill
  • 3. Scanned Copy of Credit Card